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Midwest Community Federal Credit Union

Midwest Community Federal Credit Union is one of the most dynamic and energetic cooperatives in Northwest Ohio. They serve over 14,000 members drawn from quite a diverse membership base: the local General Motors plant, numerous Select Employee Groups, and six counties around their headquarters in Defiance, OH. To help them deliver the best service possible, the credit union has chosen to partner with Hyland®, vendors of a state-of-the-art Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform that is tailored for credit unions small and large.

Since 2000, IT Specialist Wende Tressler has been tasked with keeping the OnBase ECM system up and running. Having worked at the Midwest Community for over 25 years in numerous positions, she is uniquely qualified to handle this task. She recalls that “it was a huge productivity jump for us to move to OnBase from manual processes, paper and microfiche. The automation capabilities of the system are just phenomenal.” The credit union started by putting all of their printed reports directly into OnBase from their core processing system, thereby saving a tremendous amount of paper along with the headaches associated with distributing paper reports to all of the different departments. Sonja Delaney, CEO of Midwest Community Federal Credit Union, was also thrilled with the new system as well: “It offers instant, easy access to any piece of information you need stored within it. No more spending hours manually searching for that information like we used to. I couldn’t live without it now!”

Branch employees at the credit union’s four branches are no less enthused about using the software as well since their wait time to view member signature cards went from minutes to seconds. They also enjoy immediate access to a member’s folder that contains all sorts of imaged and scanned documents. According to Wende, “the full text search feature is great for helping members and researching issues, and virtually every one of my coworkers is a heavy user of the system on a daily basis.” While employees love the convenience of having information at their fingertips to help members, Wende and some of the other back office staff use the software to help manage the numerous vendors that the credit union works with as well as incoming invoices.

The Unity Client, a next generation OnBase desktop application, allows users to create sophisticated forms and drives productivity levels to new heights. Wende points out that “the Unity Client allows me to create all sorts of useful forms without knowing HTML.” Case in point: the credit union used Unity Forms to create a “Five Star Member Welcome” form for new members. The form automatically goes to a workflow with several queues for various departments at the credit union to use to reach out to the new member at specific times over the first 120 days to welcome them to the credit union. This workflow delivers great service to the new member because it notifies the creator of the form when their form has reached the next queue to call the member or send them a personalized letter.

To help get the maximum use out of the system, Midwest Community takes advantage of OnBase’s annual “credit union tune-up” program whereby a product expert from Hyland comes onsite for a few days to help the credit union get the most out their robust system. “We learn so much from them and they offer great suggestions and productivity tips,” states Wende. The credit union’s employees also receive “friendly and knowledgeable technical support over the phone,” adds Wende. Finally there is Hyland’s annual user conference, CommunityLIVE, which she characterizes as a “Godsend because of the fantastic learning and networking opportunities.” When asked how she would rate the software overall, Wende replies “it is the best software package that I have ever worked with in my 25 years at the credit union.” She concludes that “I can’t recommend the software or the Hyland staff highly enough – they have made my job so much easier!”

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