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DFCU Financial

DFCU Financial was founded in February 1950 by seven Ford engineering employees who pooled $5 each to found what was first called the Ford Engineering Employees Federal Credit Union. Fast forward sixty four years later and DFCU Financial now has more than $3.5 billion in assets, serves more than 200,000 members, and has more than 500 employees. Such a large and progressive credit union has an overwhelming need to manage documents in the most efficient manner possible which is why they chose one of the most flexible and comprehensive ECM (Enterprise Content Management) products on the market today: OnBase by Hyland®.

Elizabeth Hershey, Vice President of Delivery Channel Support at DFCU, led the initiative to improve the credit union’s document management and retention strategies and execution. She is well equipped to handle this opportunity – Hershey is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and a service process expert with years of experience improving work flows at various large companies. After a thorough review of all types of documents that the credit union handles, Hershey and her team created a highly organized and efficient set of policies and procedures.

The next step was to find a world class ECM vendor that would be able to affordably implement their strategy. DFCU looked at four different options and put in seven months of intensive due diligence efforts. Hershey recalls that “we developed a very detailed RFP (Request for Proposal) and OnBase by Hyland responded with very extensive answers.” She notes that “their reference checks from other CUs using their system were glowing.” The final step was an in-house demonstration by the OnBase at Hyland team. Hershey says “we were really impressed with their sales and technical expertise – it was obvious that they were very proud of their software and their demo was flawless and completely relevant to our situation.”

DFCU started their OnBase implementation in April 2013 and the rollout proceeded smoothly. According to Hershey, “all of the modules within their ECM system work seamlessly together because they developed them all internally. It was obvious from the start that their code was very stable and they had put together a comprehensive solution.” DFCU is not alone: more than 5,000 financial services organizations worldwide use OnBase to instantly access documents when and where they need them. Hershey confirms that “our staff just loves using the system because it makes their jobs so much easier.” Case in point: Application Enabler allows employees to bring up a member’s entire portfolio of documents (statements, tax forms, etc) with just a click of the mouse. “That capability alone provides a huge productivity lift for us,” states Hershey.

Going forward, DFCU plans to integrate the OnBase system into their online and mobile banking platforms so that members can conveniently and securely access all of their own documents. It will also save the credit union hundreds of thousands of dollars in third party statement vendor fees. As Hershey puts it: “OnBase solves real business problems.” She concludes that “the OnBase people are wonderful to work with and extremely knowledgeable. They have exceeded our expectations time and time again and I highly recommend them to any credit union.”