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Orange County’s Credit Union

Since their inception over 70 years ago, Orange County’s Credit Union has cultivated steady, sensible growth, while never losing sight of their original goal: personal member service built on a stable financial foundation. Today the Southern California-based credit union serves nearly 80,000 members with a full range of financial services that are equal in scope and quality to any high-profile bank in the nation. With such a wide range of products and services, Orange County’s Credit Union must provide their employees - which are called associates internally - with ongoing training in order to maintain their high standards of member service. That is why they have chosen to partner with TFactor, a premier provider of e-Learning and e-Marketing solutions that are based on a Software as a Service (SaaS) approach.

When it comes to training, one would be hard pressed to find someone as experienced as Connie Baker, Training Manager at Orange County’s Credit Union which is nearly a billion in assets. She has over fifteen years of training experience, running the gamut from computer-based to instructor-led to Webinar-based training. She relates that “when I started with the credit union in 2008, I was quite impressed with the ease of use of TFactor’s KnowledgePortal360 solution. There was no big learning curve, and all in all I thought that it was a great system from the start.”

Baker notes that she and her team of three staff trainers “all like the user friendly nature of this system and we can all act as administrators.” Ease of use is absolutely critical when you consider the fact that the comprehensive KnowledgePortal360 includes:

- Learning Management System
- Learning Content Management System
- Web Conferencing
- Course Builder
- Survey
- Over 2000 Compliance, Business/Soft Skill and Technology Courses

While Baker and her team appreciate the built-in courses and use them extensively, she asserts that “the real power of a Learning Management System is in its ability to customize courses.” Orange County’s Credit Union has created many videos featuring their CEO and senior managers, and Baker says that her fellow associates “really enjoy these personalized videos - it puts a face to name.” For example, the CEO can send a video message to all associates concerning important events that affect everyone at the credit union. Another example is when Subject Matter Experts are interviewed, e.g., associates are able to learn about debit card transactions from an EFT expert, or retirement and investment options from a Certified Financial Planner.

When it comes time for training, associates can conveniently self-enroll themselves, or their manager can enroll them directly. According to Baker, “the reporting is very good and we like the fact that we can assign certifications and testing to various modules.” She also likes the fact that Adobe® Connect™ web conferencing software is included in TFactor’s platform: “this software has a lot of nice features that allow us to share presentations and multimedia right from our desktops.” The credit union’s training team also appreciates TFactor’s commitment to go above and beyond normal support levels by providing them with many different sources of training tools. Baker confirms that “TFactor is great about looking out for other outside resources to help us out with our day to day jobs.” She concludes that “we really like working with TFactor’s President Terry Omojola because he is very helpful and personable, and overall we have been very pleased with KnowledgePortal360.”