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Ohio University Credit Union

Dr. Harry Crewson, then professor of economics and later president of Ohio University, founded Ohio University Credit Union (OUCU) with just $25 in 1955. Today the Athens, OH-based credit union has grown to over $340 million in assets and more than 26,000 members that are served from three branches. Regardless of age or economic bracket, OUCU is dedicated to developing and maintaining relationships with their members in accordance with the credit union’s philosophy. To help them fulfill the credit union commitment focused on member service, the credit union has partnered with Hyland, vendors of the industry-leading enterprise information platform, OnBase by Hyland, that has been successfully deployed for decades by credit unions of all sizes across the US.

Aaron Bowersock, system/OnBase administrator for OUCU, has worked at the credit union since 2011, helping his coworkers to immediately access content, cut costs and proactively manage regulations and audits. He recalls that “when I started at the credit union, I spent time in every department watching and listening to their unique needs and concerns. I then went to work building workflows to help them solve their issues.” His first project quickly helped fix an audit-related issue, and he has never looked back, building dozens of productivity-enhancing workflows. “Vice Presidents and managers come to me with ideas to improve their processes and OnBase has the power to really help implement the improvements that they want,” says Aaron. When he needs assistance, Aaron turns to the OnBase technical support team who he describes as “very knowledgeable, helpful and customer-focused.”

OUCU’s Member Solutions and Accounting departments are big OnBase users, but Aaron notes that “all employees use the system, from back office to the tellers.” According to Aaron, “the feedback that I get from our users about working with OnBase is overwhelmingly positive.” That’s because the system is solving real-world issues and increasing staff productivity. Aaron explains, that “besides reducing inefficient paper usage, the workflows can often eliminate unnecessary meetings.” The staff is especially pleased with the rollout of the OnBase Unity client which has a Microsoft Office look and feel.  OUCU will be looking at adding the Microsoft Outlook integration in 2018.

Not content with these substantial benefits, OUCU is looking to what many experts believe is the future of computing: The Cloud. The Hyland Cloud is a world-class hosting architecture, custom-built for hosting OnBase and applications like ShareBase, the cloud-based sharing application that expands the power of OnBase. Hyland has hosted OnBase in the cloud for more than 13 years, making them a true pioneer in the field. OUCU is looking to move to the Hyland’s Global Cloud Services (GCS) team to reap the benefits. Aaron states that “better disaster recovery and no more worries about hardware are two big reasons for us to migrate to the cloud. Plus the price point is just about the same as in-house, so we are really looking forward to moving to Hyland’s secure cloud environment.” He will still enjoy all of the tools that he used with the in-house version, and in fact, will have more time to develop workflows for the credit union. He concludes that “I love working with OnBase and improving processes. The software integrates with just about anything and it has been incredibly useful in helping us improve member service levels here at OUCU.”

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