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Parlin DuPont Employees FCU

Growing with the right software provider

The Parlin DuPont Employees Federal Credit Union (PDEFCU) has been in operation since 1937 in central New Jersey. Although they are a small $4M asset credit union, they have grown organically and operate a full service credit union. Over the years they have continued to add new products and services and are now a full service financial institution that prides itself on providing personalized service. The credit union credits their ability to provide such a comprehensive range of products and services to their members in large part to their 15 year partnership with CUtopia, a division of  Worldwide Interactive Services, LLC (WWIS), which is a company that draws on decades of technology, project management, and client service experience in the financial industry. 

In the late 1990’s, PDEFCU needed to update their website and begin to offer online and telephone banking to their growing membership base. Christina Olender, CEO of Parlin DuPont Employees Federal Credit Union, recalls that “we had a limited budget but high expectations of what we wanted to do for our members. We are fortunate to work with WWIS because their systems are designed for smaller credit unions and are very affordable, but still full featured.” The website conversion went smoothly and the credit union then started adding online banking (iTeller), telephone banking (vTeller) and bill pay modules from WWIS’s complete range of e-suite programs. Olender notes that “our members really like these e-services and we couldn’t be happier with the support that we have gotten over the years.” PDEFCU recently added the mTeller mobile banking module to their complement of e-services.

Completely satisfied with these electronic delivery systems in place, the next step for Olender and her team was to replace their ageing core data processing system. Naturally she thought of the OASys core system from CUtopia. Olender says that “everything was working great on the e-services side, so we felt confident that going with the integrated OASys core platform would be the way to go for us, especially since the pricing was so affordable.” However, she and her team did perform due diligence and talked to existing OASys users – she wasn’t surprised when she heard “wonderful praise for the system and staff from all of their references.” The robust nature of the modern OASys system has allowed the credit union to expand their products and services dramatically. According to Olender, “this system has been a great fit for us and takes us into the future.”

Of course, running any complex data processing system requires ongoing support and enhancements. Olender was pleased to find that “the CUtopia team is always open to new ideas and is constantly improving the software.” As for support, she states that “it is very refreshing to work with a company that always answers the phone and can help us immediately.” She concludes that “the top leadership at WWIS is innovative and completely passionate about their company and clients, and that attitude works its way throughout the company. You know that you have a great company when everyone is working cooperatively towards the same goals and truly cares about their clients.”