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Santa Fe Federal Credit Union

Amarillo, TX-based Santa Fe Federal Credit Union was formed back in 1936 to serve Santa Fe railroad workers and their families. After a humble start with just a few hundred members, the credit union has grown to serve nearly 10,000 members and dozens of Select Employee Groups (SEGs). In 2011, the credit union was very conservative and deposit-oriented when current President and CEO Steven Adee took over. With a big vision to modernize the credit union’s products and services and reverse their slow decline in members, Steven quickly made a bold move: buy out the last two years of their old core processing system and quickly convert to a full featured and modern system. His choice was Sharetec.

Having worked for credit unions right out of college, Steven was both credit union-savvy and had a high level of technical knowledge. He says that “I had a great relationship with Sharetec from working at another credit union and knew that they would be the partner of choice to help us transform our credit union going forward.” Santa Fe made a rapid successful conversion to the Sharetec platform and within six months they had added a whole bevy of much desired products, e.g., debit cards, online banking, mobile banking and more. According to Steven, “Sharetec delivered the products that our members were looking for at affordable price points for us. With their help and the hard work of our dozens of employees, we were able to drive double digit loan and membership growth.” He also adds that Sharetec’s commitment to bundling digital services has allowed the credit union to offer self-service channels that have appealed to both members and their children.

Steven and his senior management team also appreciate Sharetec’s powerful built-in reporting and analytics capabilities. He points out that “the vanilla reporting that comes with many older core systems is simply inadequate for our needs. We really like Sharetec’s Dashboards for doing our analytic work.” He also appreciates Sharetec’s willingness to consider his suggestions and wish list items. According to Steven, “they really listen to us and I am able to take part in focus groups that affect the direction of the system.” Additionally, he loves their personalized service: “we get knowledgeable and quick support from the Sharetec team, and their local leadership team of Robert and Greg are great partners of ours.” He concludes that “Sharetec is genuinely concerned about our success and is always moving forward with improvements. I absolutely recommend them to any credit union looking for a great core system.”

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