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SCE Federal Credit Union

SCE Federal Credit Union is a Southern California-based credit union that has been in operation since 1952. Through a dedication to excellent member service and hard work on the part of their employees, the credit union has increased their SEGs (select employee groups) and expanded into a community charter over the years. The credit union has recognized all along that a professional work environment that promotes employee growth and opportunity is an integral part of delivering stellar member service. That is why they have chosen to deliver training for their employees from a company that specializes in delivering state-of-the-art training courses over the Internet: TFactor.

Back in 2005, Alison Quidato, Manager of Employee Education and Development at SCE Federal Credit Union, was tasked with updating the credit union’s outdated e-learning system. She recalls that “I did a few months of research, viewed online demonstrations and generally performed due diligence on three different vendors. In the end, TFactor was the best choice for us.” One thing that impressed Quidato was the look and feel of TFactor’s KnowledgePortal360 solution: “it is very modern and high-tech.” Plus she discovered that TFactor is an industry leader in functionality for integrated learning management systems – both from pre-packaged course offerings and build-it-yourself course development perspectives. Quidato explains that “we have used their off-the-shelf courses that include interactive features and videos. They are very professional and well thought out.”

However Quidato has been especially impressed with TFactor’s authoring tools. As an admitted ‘non-techie,’ she really appreciates the simplicity and ease of use of TFactor’s application. “I did not have to become a programmer to develop our courses,” confides Quidato. She likes the fact that TFactor’s solution allows her to focus on developing content, not becoming a master of their development tools. She says that “it is really point and click, and I could use it right out of the box.” This is especially important when you consider how much time and effort goes into content development, especially when credit unions must stay on top of ever-changing government regulations. For example, Quidato’s first customized course that she developed for her fellow employees covered the Bank Secrecy Act.

In addition to ease of use in course development, Quidato has discovered that “the system is easy to administer behind the scenes. It comes with very nice reporting capabilities.” With an online system, there is no waiting for results because the staff receives instant feedback on how they did right after they complete the course. Plus senior managers at the credit union can easily track their employees’ progress online, without having to deal with messy piles of paper. From the employees’ point of view, they love the system because it did not require any training to use. According to Quidato, “I just prepared some simple handouts for them and they were using the system right away.” 

Naturally, every software application requires some level of technical support and assistance, and Quidato is pleased to note that “TFactor is one of the best vendors that I have ever worked with as far as support goes.” Whether it is via e-mail or telephone, Quidato has always received very speedy – and knowledgeable – support. Quidato confirms that “they are so helpful and have always been able to walk me through any situation.” She also appreciates the extra effort that TFactor’s management team has shown her: “they even come out onsite once a year or so and ask for our feedback. They are always open to suggestions, and often incorporate them into the next product release.” She concludes that “I highly recommend their learning management system, and their service is just outstanding.”