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School Employees Credit Union of Washington

School Employees Credit Union of Washington (SECUWA) has been faithfully serving school employees and their families since 1936. SECUWA is a credit union that has chosen to utilize technology as opposed to brick and mortar branch locations to provide greater savings as well as 24-hour online access to their members. School Employees Credit Union of Washington serves over 76,000 members, with only two branches, located in Seattle and Spokane.

When considering outsourcing components of their Network Security environment, SECUWA focused on addressing two business critical objectives. Their primary challenge was to partner with a service provider that would support Layer 7 firewalls. A firm believer in the EAL4+ certified firewall they use, SECUWA sought expertise that they realized was few and far between in the world of Managed Security Service Providers. Based on the customer’s research, the majority of MSSPs standardize on Layer 4 firewalls, which SECUWA deemed inadequate for their environment. “We considered many MSSPs, and when it came to the best t, e-DMZ Security easily surpassed the competition,” states Robert Martin, Business Analyst, SECUWA.

The second objective, based on the common issue of limited staff and experience within their own IT group, was to ally with a team capable of providing effective 24x7x365 Intrusion Detection Services. It became apparent that it would take 3 to 4 people to staff such a 24x7 operation in house. “Going from a staff head count of zero to four would be a very time consuming process, even if we could find qualified applicants in today’s [IT Security] job market,” noted Robert Martin. “Add to that, the cost of 4 fully loaded full time employee salaries, and it would be impossible to deliver IDS in the same time frame and cost bracket, with the same quality of service as that offered by e-DMZ Security. The fact that e-DMZ Security holds expertise in supporting Layer 7 firewalls coupled with their cost effective 24x7 Intrusion Detection Service made our decision easy.”

SECUWA chose e-DMZ Security’s ESMS+ solution, created specifically for high risk small to medium sized organizations. The service includes 24x7 monitoring, management and real-time reporting for firewalls and IDS. When asked what differentiates e-DMZ Security from the other MSSPs that were considered, Robert Martin states, “In my opinion, the solution feature with the greatest impact within our IT department is e-DMZ Security’s model of Co-Management. The ability to make critical changes [during the course of a very high impact project] and have the experts at e-DMZ look over our shoulder to point out any hazardous areas we might be approaching is invaluable. Once the environment is stabilized and we don’t need to react to business changes as quickly, we will hand control over to e-DMZ and their change control process.”

Like many other Credit Unions, SECUWA continues to see an increase in legislation and industry compliance requirements. They take pride that their Credit Union now meets or exceeds State and Federal regulations for protecting their members’ sensitive financial data. Their choice to align with e-DMZ Security allows SECUWA to continue to remain in an aggressive, industry leading posture at a cost effective manner for years to come.

“The value proposition for the size and scope of our network environment, and the services provided by e-DMZ Security is nothing short of Right On,” states Robert Martin. “I firmly believe that as other Credit Unions realize the importance of Layer 7 firewalls, they will move to implement them. The only barrier I can see in that scenario is the cost of management and support. Enter e-DMZ Security. The best security technology can provide, at the best price in the industry.”