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Technology Credit Union

Founded in 1960 by a group of employees at Fairchild Camera and Instrument Semiconductor Division, Technology Credit Union has grown to be among the top 1% of the nation's largest credit unions with ten full service branches in the Silicon Valley. With a SEG (select employee group) roster that reads like a Who's Who of high-tech companies, Tech CU has over $1.2 billion in assets and is considered an innovator in delivering financial services to its members in the Bay Area. So, it is no surprise that Tech CU offers their tech-savvy members the world's leading mobile banking platform: MShift Mobile Banking.

Due to their high usage of technology, Tech CU's members have always preferred online channels to manage their finances. That's why the credit union was one of the first financial institutions in the nation to offer Internet banking. Victor Smilgys, AVP of eCommerce at Technology Credit Union, has been part of the credit union's remote delivery offerings since the very beginning. With over fifteen  years's experience working at the credit union, he has helped launch the credit union's website, rolled out modem-based banking that later converted to online banking, implemented bill payment, and has overseen the addition of many other advanced features and functionality.

With so much practical experience with remote delivery channels, Mr.  Smilgys was the perfect choice for spearheading a team of credit union employees tasked with adding mobile banking to the credit union's other convenient self-service channels. He recalls that "we developed a full RFP and spent a few months of due diligence on a handful of vendors. We really liked MShift because it was browser-based and very easy to use." Some of the other alternatives involved software downloads and installations, and the credit union wanted no part of the support issues that can come from that method. Smilgys adds that "MShift was a pretty easy choice overall because we felt that they offered a better suite of products."

Once MShift was chosen, their highly experienced developers and project managers went to work. Smilgys states that "I was surprised at how fast they developed the prototype, and how little work there was for our team." In just six weeks, MShift came back with a test version, and again Smilgys was pleasantly surprised: "their developers were on top of everything and the testing and rollout went quite smoothly." The credit union tested the program thoroughly on various cell phones and their employees helped work out any minor issues quickly.

MShift's developers also worked hard to integrate many of the advanced features from the credit union's robust website into the mobile world. For example, here are a few of the things that they included:

* ATM and branch finder
* Loan rates
* Deposit info
* Bill payment integration

Tech CU prepared a soft launch of MShift Mobile Banking in September 2007 and an official marketing launch to all members a month later. Smilgys relates that "our staff really liked using mobile banking and the front line employees were thrilled to be able to tell our members that we offered mobile banking since many members were inquiring about it." To ensure that members were as pleased as they were, Tech CU added a short survey for mobile banking users that they could respond to upon logoff. According to Smilgys, "the results were overwhelmingly positive."

Back at the credit union's contact center, there have been no issues with members using the system. In terms of the credit union receiving support from MShift, Smilgys says that "their support is excellent. If we ever have a question, they are very knowledgeable and responsive." Smilgys admits that he was a bit apprehensive about working with a fast growing company such as MShift, but he states that "it is a dream working with them. They stay on top of the latest trends, meet all of their deadlines, and we are happy to provide positive references for them to any other credit unions looking to implement mobile banking."