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Texas Workforce Credit Union

Texas Workforce Credit Union (TWCU) obtained its charter July 1955 and has grown organically over the years in a fiscally sound manner. Today they serve over 1100 members in San Antonio and the south Texas region. Even though they have around $10M in assets, TWCU operates a full service credit union that compares very favorably to larger financial institutions many times their size. One of the key reasons that they are able to offer such a complete range of products and services to their members is because they have been able to harness the power of Worldwide Interactive Services’ CUtopia core system and e-services.

Mary Dunagan, President of Texas Workforce Credit Union, is an excellent person to ask about credit unions and credit union technology – she has decades of credit union experience and started as a TWCU volunteer in 1989 and progressed to President in 1998. During this lengthy tenure, she has had the opportunity to wear many hats and become intimately familiar with every aspect of credit union operations. She recalls that “when Worldwide Interactive Services took over ownership of our core system, they immediately started making enhancements. The improvements that they have made to the system have just been great. Plus they always ask for our feedback on how to make the system even better.” Equally important is the fact the system upgrades have all gone smoothly. According to Dunagan, “all of the team members at CUtopia are knowledgeable and they always work closely with us to implement any updates with ease.”

With a small staff of four employees, TWCU cannot afford a full time IT person so they naturally turn to CUtopia for assistance. Dunagan reports that “the system is really intuitive and easy to use. Plus their staff is so friendly and helpful.” Dunagan appreciates the fact that she and her employees can obtain high quality support in three ways: an 800 number, online chat, and remote viewing. She points out that “their support is just awesome and how many companies do you have the cell phone number of the President?” In advance of one upgrade, CUtopia actually provided the credit union with a laptop that was fully loaded with their member data and the new system software so that they could practice in-house on real data. Dunagan notes that “this was an amazing training tool and we have always appreciated their responsiveness.”

Worldwide Interactive Services’ background since 1995 has been in e-services: online banking, e-statements, audio response, and mobile banking. TWCU has taken full advantage of all of these options along with their CUtopia core system usage. Dunagan enthuses that “it was just like magic when we were able to integrate our e-services into our core system – our members love the convenience of the e-services suite and it makes our jobs so much easier.” Worldwide Interactive Services also developed and maintains TWCU’s website, but permits them to make updates as needed. “We just love our website and how easy it is for us to change rates, add photos, update banners and generally keep our website fresh,” states Dunagan. She adds that “we are able to stay competitive thanks to our e-services offerings and by the efficiency gains that we enjoy by using the CUtopia core system.”

Even the credit union’s Board of Directors appreciates the CUtopia system. Dunagan explains that “the system generates so many great reports for us – it really contributes to well organized board meetings.” The board also likes Worldwide Interactive Services’ affordable pricing plans which are flat rate-based and thus a perfect fit for small to mid-sized credit unions. Dunagan concludes that “we have been very impressed with everyone at Worldwide Interactive Services and their strong commitment to credit unions. We love the fact that their software does everything that we want it to do and highly recommend them.”