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Since being organized in 1938, University of Iowa Community Credit Union (UICCU) has grown to over $2.2 billion in assets. Membership is open to anyone living or working in 42 select Iowa Counties, as well as direct relatives of current members and University of Iowa students, staff, and alumni. With such a highly educated and technical membership base, it is no wonder that they chose a world leader in outbound email services for high-value correspondence when communicating with their members: RPost.

With RPost, credit unions have a three-in-one provider for e-signatures, email encryption, and certified e-delivery proof. RPost's Registered Email® service includes Legal Proof® of email content, delivery and time-stamping that can be easily integrated into existing email applications. A team of leading electronic information management attorneys conducted a thorough review of RPost's Registered Email service in 2007 and concluded that Registered Email messages provide sufficient proof as to be admissible in a United States court, according to the Federal Rules of Evidence. Their findings state that the Registered Email service is able to prove to a court that a particular message was delivered, what it said, and often even whether it was opened.

When digitally communicating with many of their 112,000 members, the employees at UICCU rely heavily on RPost. Their Operation Center makes the following observations:

Before RPost, we sent hundreds debit card dispute forms, travel forms and fraud charge forms per week. Now, we send them as attachments to email, for secure electronic fill and e-sign. Our members love it. We love it. We estimate a per person time savings of three to five hours per week, as compared to our former process of faxing and scanning forms.


With RPost, we also save time making multiple phone calls to coordinate the sending and receiving of credit card info. We simple send an encrypted RPost Registered Email message to our members and they can reply encrypted with the credit card and personally identifiable information (PII) information, with just a few clicks.


With RPost, sending an encrypted email is incredibly easy and we have the peace of mind when a party disputes receiving an email; as I can prove it was sent and received. RPost’s service was set up in minutes and has been incredibly easy to use.

RPost notes that for those credit unions with an existing provider, switching to RPost can increase user simplicity and should cut the credit union’s costs in half. For those credit unions looking to get started with more electronic efficiencies, RPost provides a simple user experience, and quick and easy way to get started.