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United Business & Industry FCU

When Mike Knurek, Chief Information Officer at United Business & Industry Federal Credit Union heard about SecureWorks’ intrusion prevention system, he had his doubts. However, after nearly a year of using the outsourced intrusion prevention service from the Atlanta-based security firm, all of his doubts have been completely eliminated: “At first it sounded too good to be true, but it really is that good.”

With an in-house core processing system running on an AS/400, half dozen servers and 30 workstations to protect, the credit union wanted to implement a world class security solution. Knurek’s 23 years of IT experience told him that his staff of two IT people was in no position to monitor their network 24x7.

Fortunately, Knurek discovered SecureWorks, whose experienced team of security experts monitors his network around the clock at an affordable monthly rate. “They keep up on all of the latest attacks,” Knurek says “and we really feel that the gate is locked with their intrusion prevention service.” Like any outsourcing arrangement that the credit union employs, Knurek feels that it is only as good as the service provided by the vendor. “I get through right away and they answer my questions immediately,” says Knurek. United Business & Industry FCU’s senior management team also appreciated SecureWorks flexible contract terms – they don’t force credit unions into long term agreements. Knurek points out that, “we signed a basic month to month contract with them, but they have such a great product that I see us staying with them for a very long time.”

Knurek employs two outside firms to perform regular vulnerability tests against the credit union’s network. “Our firewall vendor tried first and they couldn’t get through at all – we were completely nailed down.” The other vulnerability test was performed by one of the country’s leading security firms; one whose background includes accolades for work performed for the U.S. government and has included congressional testimony. Knurek reports that “we were very pleased with the results of this full fledged criminal hacking attack test, especially since this firm told us that this was one of the strongest networks that they have run across.”

Knurek is aided in his ongoing efforts by SecureWorks’ daily and monthly reports. “The reports help me drill down to get the information that I need and the built-in trending feature is excellent.” Like most CIOs, Knurek has to deal with daily hardware and software issues, as well as find time to plan for future technology projects. With SecureWorks as his 24x7 security partner, Knurek can breathe a sigh of relief: “When I go home night, I sleep easier knowing that -- thanks in large part to SecureWorks -- no one is hacking our network.” 

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