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September 21, 2015

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General News  

* IMM Introduces eLoan Solutions
* ESP Signs Holy Family Memorial CU
* Team One CU & MShift Partner
* Cardtek Announces CHIPXpert

IMM, a provider of eTransaction automation solutions for credit unions, introduced a suite of hosted eLoan services, which enable credit unions to fulfill new loan acquisition and existing loan modification functions electronically. The company said that these services enable credit unions to retain more loans, increase portfolio yield and attract more loans from the competitive market.

Enhanced Software Products (ESP), the Spokane, WA-based credit union Data Processing company, announced that Holy Family Memorial Credit Union of Manitowoc, WI has chosen FORZA3 for their new Core Processing solution. Holy Family Memorial CU is ESP's 14th Wisconsin credit union client.

Team One Credit Union, Saginaw, MI, and MShift, Newark, CA, are expanding the pilot testing of MShift's AnyWhereMobile mobile payment network by bringing additional merchants on board. AnyWhereMobile is integrated into Team One's mobile banking app, which extends the reach of AnyWhereMobile to Team One's already fast growing mobile user base.

Cardtek, a leading software developer for financial transactions, introduced CHIPXpert - Issuance, a new card issuance platform evolved from an existing product, Palmaris. The company says that it combines instant card issuance and printing services in a single software application.




Hardware News

Linear Tape File System (LTFS) is now becoming a mainstream technology supported in the industry-standard Linear Tape-Open (LTO) format. In action, it allows tape data to be read as just another drive on a network. LTO-7 is expected to roll out in products starting this fall, and it will support copying information directly between drives without involving the host. While many people believe tape is a dead legacy technology, tape technology continues to advance as evidenced by the high-end drives that are commercially available from Oracle and IBM at 8.5 TB and 10 TB.

QNAP announced a new lineup of AMD-powered quad-core network attached storage (NAS) called the TS-x63U series, which is targeted at budget-conscious small- and medium-sized businesses looking for a NAS solution for backup and virtualized storage. They come standard with 4 GB of DDR3L RAM which is upgradeable to 16 GB. The new NAS units come in three different models, with four-, eight-, and 12-bay offerings in either single or redundant power supply configurations. Additional features include full volume encryption via AES 256-bit with sequential read performance over 780 MB/s, Qsirch for near real-time full-text search, Qsync for syncing and remotely erasing folders, Real-time Remote Replication (RTRR) for sharing and backing up data, and Qcenter for central management of multiple QNAP NAS units. 


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Software Updates

Socialware has rolled out a new version of its social media platform called Social Access Control. The software allows IT Departments to configure a comprehensive set of access controls that allow them to enable or disable specific features on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. You can also create groups of users, allowing for different tiers of access to social sites and features depending on role or level of responsibility. For example, some employees could be given read-only rights, enabling them to access social media content that could be valuable for their work, without giving them the ability to post information that could be damaging.

PaySwag is a collections app that rewards consumers for paying back their loans. It employs gamification, education and rewards in an effort to increase collection rates. The company is currently focusing on auto loan collections. The company says that they can reduce serious delinquencies by 50%, and they include a points system and educational videos.


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Security firm FireEye Labs has identified a new type of ATM malware dubbed Backdoor.ATM.Suceful. The company notes that "Suceful is the first multivendor ATM malware targeting cardholders, created to steal the tracks of the debit cards but also to steal the actual physical cards, which is definitely raising the bar of sophistication of this type of threats." While every ATM vendor has its own implementation of the XFS Manager in place, they also support the XFS Manager template provided by WOSA/XFS Standard which is where the Suceful malware attempts to insert itself. It also attempts to suppress ATM sensors to avoid detection.

APS (Automatic Payment Systems) is a kiosk/ATM manufacturer based in Guadalajara, Mexico. They just announced their new Quickpay250 ATM that includes biometric identification, counterfeit note detection and access control features. The Quickpay250 is connected to a real time monitoring system so you are able to control all the machines over a VPN where you will be able to obtain detailed operations logs from the machines.

Fiserv has completed a successful pilot with Jacksonville, FL-based VyStar Credit Union to offer card-free access to cash at participating ATMs with CardFree Cash from Fiserv. The test took place on ATMs that participate in Payment Alliance International's system and was completed on Accel's debit payments network. CardFree Cash also gives credit unions the ability to let members link a mobile banking app with its ATM network.


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CU Success Stories  


Here is a chance to learn about real life credit union success stories from various technology vendors through the words of their clients. This week's vendor is:  



and their client is:

Parlin DuPont Employees Federal Credit Union

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Wireless World

Flybits is a cloud-based context-as-a-service software solution that helps bring personalization to your mobile apps. The company says that using Flybits is the easiest way to deliver engaging mobile experiences that are based on each consumer's individual context. You can contextualize a previously-published iOS or Android app using Flybits.

Visa has created the Visa Connected Car, a prototype of a car designed to initiate payments. The in-car payments mechanism is not intended to be a means for a driver to engage in e-commerce - the project's initial focus is on fuel and food sales. The card giant envisions that the car-based payment system might be removable (e.g., a tablet) to facilitate the final payment confirmation with restaurants and other merchants.

ANZ Bank has created a library of digitized sales material that makes them easy to view on mobile devices and tablets. This has enabled them to track content usage and monitor top trending content used by sales teams. Their marketing department can now measure the effectiveness of the marketing materials it produces, and create new materials based on usage patterns of material currently available - all of which was impossible with traditional brochures.


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Security Section

Visa introduced a new specification to use biometrics with chip card transactions. The specification can enable palm, voice, iris, or facial biometrics. Visa says that this is a first-of-its-kind technology framework that is designed to work with the EMV chip industry standard. The specification supports “match-on-card” authentication where the biometric is validated by the EMV chip card and never exposed or stored in any central databases. Issuers can optionally validate the biometric data within their secure systems for transactions occurring in their own environments, such as their own ATMs.

Toronto-based identity specialist SecureKey is launching its SecureKey Concierge service in the US. SecureKey Concierge enables consumers to use their choice of credential from an Identity Partner in the SecureKey Concierge network to log into online service provider sites. For enhanced privacy, the service includes a privacy guard that ensures consumer online activity is not visible to the Identity Partners, and personal attributes, such as name, address and date of birth, are never shared without explicit consent. There are tiered levels of assurance to support a range of credentials from social IDs to high assurance, smart card-based digital IDs.

Encap Security says that their solutions turn a user's smartphone and tablet into a banking-grade ID credential without the burden of tokens, complex passwords, security questions or SMS. Their patented technology incorporates push notification, PIN entry, contextual authentication layers, keystroke dynamics and device fingerprinting. Encap Security also offers PKI key-generation and signing for advanced authentication processes and sign-what-you-see applications.


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Leaders Roundtable

Core Systems:

Supporting Omnichannel Delivery with the Core System

Celent -
Read Stephen Greer's comments:

Corelation -
Read Theresa Benavidez's comments:




D+H -
Read Spencer Jones' comments:


Enhanced Software Products -
Read Matt Lefler's comments:


Fiserv -
Read Mark Sievewright's comments:


Share One -
Read Teri Van Frank's comments:




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Technology and Marketing

Market Rates Insight announced the launch of FeeBuilder which they say is the first live retail deposit fees database for FIs. FeeBuilder is a subscription-based, interactive, decision-support fees database that helps FIs make up-to-the-moment observations about retail FI deposit fees nationwide. It provides peer-to-peer analyses at the national, state, and local level with comprehensive competitive fee data on checking, savings, money market accounts, and certificates of deposit.



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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design

SmartMetric has developed a payment card with a built-in biometric fingerprint reader. In action, a cardholder's fingerprint is used to turn on the chip before a transaction. The Nevada-based company said that it took them several years to introduce a fully functional fingerprint scanner inside a standard credit card. It is designed to function with EMV credit and debit card technology.

Avoka Transact Bundles is a code-free way of delivering an experience that allows a member to apply for one product and onboard into additional products such as deposit, loan, or card offerings. According to Avoka, abandonment rates average 65% for online sales, such as account opening and loan origination, while they say that their solutions address this issue by improving form and application completion rates by 35% or more.


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Internet Access

According to Kaspersky Lab, when an organization is hit by distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, three-quarters of the time that attack is accompanied by another security incident. Those other attacks may or may not originate from the same party, but they can go undetected if IT staff is totally focused on defending against the DDoS. The security firm concludes that many attackers use DDoS as a smokescreen to hide data-stealing or network-damaging attempts.

SaleMove is a solution for face-to-face engagement with online visitors. You can monitor visitors as they click, scroll, type and interact with each page. You can connect with visitors using audio and video right on your website with no downloads or installation required. The platform also supports shared browsing, and the New York-based company says that you can activate SaleMove with one line of code.


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Call Centers

Startup North Side has launched its VerbalAccess software which enables accessing banking and financial services through text-messaging or voice. Members can ask questions or conduct transactions in English using their own words and get precise answers. It can be used for payments, transfers, applying for loans, exploring credit scores, searching for investments, managing credit cards, researching rewards, etc. The Montreal-based company says that VerbalAccess increases profitability by reducing calls to live agents.