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May 27, 2019

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General News


Allegacy FCU Transitions to Fiserv

Fiserv announced that Allegacy Federal Credit Union, a $1.43 billion in assets credit union based in Winston-Salem, NC, will be moving to DNA. The credit union also selected the Verifast Branch biometric solution from Fiserv.



Our Community CU Partners with CU Rise Analytics

Our Community Credit Union (OCCU), a $400 million credit union based in Washington state is CU Rise Analytics’ latest client to use its Predictive Model Suite. The Predictive Model Suite includes a set of ready-to-use models along with the option to custom build additional models built around OCCU’s specific needs.





Hardware News


Solving the Network Visibility Problems

Network visibility is crucial for many things: making sure that the equipment works properly monitoring and tweaking the network’s performance and protecting it against attacks. The most common network visibility challenges today are due to the sheer number of different networks and endpoints utilized by today’s distributed workforce. On top of that, another big challenge is to analyze if an incident is real/false/false-positive and decide what action take. The article states that cloud-based SaaS security services like secure Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) solutions can offer a much more cost-effective alternative because of very little overhead and maintenance costs.



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Software Updates


MistNet Launches New Threat Detection and Response Platform Using Mist Computing and Edge AI

MistNet claims to be offering the industry’s first multi-entity threat detection and response platform providing 360-degree visibility into threats and vulnerabilities from desktop to data center to public cloud and IoT environments. They say that MistNet offers network traffic analytics and user behavioral or OS/container analytics, and that they combine them into a single platform modeling user, network and OS/container environments with comprehensive threat modeling, anomaly detection and AI-assisted hunting.



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ATM of the Future Will Take Tellers’ Jobs

The article says that ATMs with enlarged screens will be attending users, offering the same services as human tellers do, plus smartphone and website integration will not help the tellers’ situation going forward. It also speculates that about 60% of the transactions performed by tellers can be executed via ATM today, and it is forecasted to rise to 90% by next year.



ATMs: From Cash Dispenser to True Automated Teller

The article posits that a large surcharge-free network provides marketing value that attracts new account holders to a FI, while multi-channel engagement drives higher retention and stickier balances. It goes on to state that FIs can’t ignore that consumers want and need cash, and provides a few recommendations that FIs need to consider for their ATM network in the years ahead.



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CU Success Stories  


Here is a chance to learn about real life credit union success stories from various technology vendors through the words of their clients. This week's vendor is:  



and their client is:

FivePoint Credit Union

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Wireless World


5G to Speed Digital Transformation of FIs

The author is convinced that 5th generation wireless communication technology is poised to help jumpstart another wave of digital innovation for the industry. Uses include mobile banking applications being developed with artificial intelligence, in-branch mobile devices such as tablets for visitor service, and video services for training and collaboration.



Paving Mobile Banking’s Path to Success

The article states that mobile strategies are no longer limited to checking your balance online or sending a payment to another person on your phone - these strategies need to include the entire customer life cycle. It also concludes that among the keys to a successful customer life cycle is the act of opening an account — and a smooth experience can make or break a relationship at inception.



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Security Section


Closing the Gap on Vendor Vulnerabilities

Outsourcing, connectivity and cloud-based solutions have delivered tremendous benefits to FIs but also come with risk. In a November survey by the Ponemon Institute, nearly 60 percent of 1,000 chief information security officers reported a data breach caused by a vendor or third party. The article recommends that FIs build the right to perform independent security audits into contracts, using detailed language about the frequency and methodology behind them.



Review: How Awake Security Uncovers Malicious Intent

The Awake Security Platform performs what could be considered innovative threat hunting, but it’s technically a traffic monitoring platform. The heart of the platform is the Awake Hub, which can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. Traffic data moving throughout a protected network is fed to the Hub from sensors placed at strategic points. Once deployed, the Awake Platform begins discovering all the devices on a protected network. It does this without conducting any scans or deploying any agents. The article goes on to review how the system works in much more detail.



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Technology and Marketing


How to Make Your Content Personalized but Not Creepy

Consumers are wary of personalization for its perceived privacy risk, yet they expect personalized service and act on personalized content. What’s a FI to do? This article examines how you can both address privacy concerns and make personalized content without distancing your audience.



5 Signs You Might Need a Marketing Tune-Up

Here are some possible telltale signs that can offer preliminary insights into your marketing performance: 1. Your branch associates seem to be a little less busy; 2. Prospective members seem to have you confused with the credit union down the street; 3. Your primary advertising focus is on product and pricing rather than member education and financial solutions; 4. You are still figuring out how to implement a member focused omni-channel marketing strategy; and 5. Management wants to review marketing programs YTD, and a recommendation for marketing in the second half of 2019.



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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


Americans Don't Want a 'Digital' Bank

10 years after the launch of neobanks in the US, just 3% of Millennials have their primary checking account at a digital bank like Simple, Chime, or Moven according to a new study from Cornerstone Advisors. And not surprisingly, that percentage drops to 1.5% of Gen Xers, and 0.8% of Baby Boomers. All told (including accounts that aren't "primary"), consumers have opened just 7 million deposit accounts at digital banks. The author contends that this lack of adoption doesn't mean there isn't a role for these digital banks in consumers' financial lives - it's just that that role isn't the primary checking account.



Facebook to Launch Cryptocurrency in 2020

Facebook is finalizing a digital payments system called ‘GlobalCoin’, which is expected to be available across 12 countries by the start of 2020. Some observers say that Facebook’s primary aim is to ensure those without a traditional FI account can make secure payments.



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Internet Access


CenturyLink Drops New E-LAN Service into Its Ethernet Lineup

CenturyLink is leveraging its SDN platform to offer a new multipoint Ethernet service across its global footprint. The new E-LAN service adds multipoint-to-multipoint capabilities to CenturyLink's Ethernet E-Services portfolio to help organizations simplify their bandwidth needs.



Microsoft Meets Long-Time Rival VMware with Open Hybrid-Cloud Arms

Despite Microsoft’s best efforts, VMware without question remains the enterprise virtualization leader. Microsoft has tried unseating it by integrating its own hypervisor, Hyper-V, into both Windows Server and Windows Desktop to entice customers with a "comes in the box" approach. It’s launched products to simplify backing up VMware virtual machines to Azure (Azure Site Recovery) and even to migrate the rival’s VM to Hyper-V. What it hasn’t had is a fully supported way to natively run a VMware workload in Azure. That has changed with the recent announcement of a new Azure hybrid cloud solution for running VMware workloads on Microsoft’s public cloud.



AT&T Tops Vertical Systems' First SD-WAN Leaderboard

Vertical Systems Group has checked the pulse of the managed SD-WAN sector and AT&T came out on top of its leaderboard for 2018. Following AT&T in market share for last year, in order, were Hughes (thanks to customers with a large number of distributed remote sites), Verizon, Windstream, CenturyLink, Aryaka, Fusion and Comcast.



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Call Centers


Speech Analytics: Highlighting Three Problem Areas and Three Opportunities

With speech analytics, you can analyze the full spectrum of your caller interactions. When you layer on speech analytics, you are able to selectively find relevant interactions rather than perusing a random handful that have no predetermined context. This article goes on to cover some key points about implementing a speech analytics solution.