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April 18, 2016

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General News  

* PSCU Named CUSO of the Year
* Easy Solutions Forms Partnership with Alkami
* Corelation Starts 2016 Signing 7 CUs
* MEA Financial to Offer Mobile Targeted Marketing Solution

At the recent NACUSO Network Conference, credit union service organization PSCU has received the CUSO of the Year Award from the National Association of Credit Union Service Organizations. Founded in 1977, PSCU is now owned by more than 800 credit unions and offers a wide range of payment products and services to credit unions of all sizes.

Easy Solutions announced that they have entered into a partnership with Alkami to make Easy Solutions` Total Fraud Protection portfolio of products available as part of Alkami`s digital banking platform. As part of the ORB Platform, Alkami`s customers will now have access to a full range of Easy Solutions` Total Fraud protection portfolio solutions including fraud intelligence, safe browsing and transaction monitoring.

Credit union core processing vendor Corelation has signed seven more clients, totaling 48 credit unions signed overall and 29 live on their KeyStone core processing system. The latest credit union signings include: Camino FCU ($141M; 12,349 members; Montebello, CA); True North FCU ($138M; 10,927 members; Juneau, AK); People First CU ($482M; 58,900 members; Allentown, PA); Greater Alliance FCU ($172M; 19,613 members; Paramus, NJ); Lehigh Valley FCU ($15M; 2,373 members; Allentown, PA); Argent CU ($214M; 23,773 members; Chester, VA); and Pacific Marine CU ($732M; 79,466 members; Oceanside, CA).

MEA Financial announced that they will offer DeepTarget Mobile within the MEA Financial mobile banking suite. The system offers enhanced personalization capabilities, rule-based member segmentation and targeting, and automated response and tracking tools. MEA provides numerous software solutions, including mobile banking, to small and medium sized credit unions.




Hardware News

Microsoft, Apple and Samsung are eager to get their tablet-hybrid devices into enterprises. Gartner states that, in 2015, 13.5 million hybrid devices were shipped worldwide, which marks a 77 percent year-over-year growth and makes it the “fastest growing segment of the device market.” Microsoft is pushing their Surface devices; Apple offers the iPad Pro, along with a keyboard and Apple Pencil; and Samsung recently announced the Samsung Tab Pro, a Windows 10 hybrid device, which is a departure from its traditionally Android-based devices.

Computer manufacturer Logic Supply announced new, small form-factor, fanless and ventless industrial PCs: the CL100 Series. The company says that they have created a device that can be used virtually anywhere and provides reliable content delivery for digital signage installations. The tiny PCs feature a Quad-Core Intel Celeron N3150 processor with onboard Intel HD Graphics. The system can power triple independent displays, or accommodate 4K resolution. Operating system options include both Windows and Ubuntu Linux. 


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Software Updates

Dataguise announced Dataguise DgSecure 6.0, their newest release of the data-centric security platform that enables organizations to help take ownership of sensitive data across various source types within the organization, including big data platforms, relational databases, and structured and unstructured data repositories. They claim to offer the first comprehensive, visual dashboard to understand what, where, and how sensitive data is being detected, protected, and monitored across the organization, both on premise and in the cloud.

Dynatrace Ruxit is a platform that uses artificial intelligence technology to automatically learn how your applications perform and detect anomalies. It is designed to simplify your monitoring and alert systems into one, all-inclusive package. The company says that their software automatically recognizes and visualizes your web application architecture end-to-end in real-time via a single agent. The goal is to provide IT Departments with less downtime and less time identifying and resolving issues.


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According to FICO, the number of ATMs in the US compromised by criminals rose 546% in 2015 over 2014. The scammers are targeting non-FI ATMs, which are more vulnerable — in 2015, non-FI ATMs accounted for 60 percent of all compromises, up from 39 percent in 2014. The good news is that the average duration of compromises fell from 36 days in 2014 to 14 days in 2015, and the average number of cards affected by each one was cut in half.

SmartMetric specializes in miniature electronic systems and software for use in biometric identification and validation. They state that they have embedded a fully functional miniature fingerprint scanner inside a credit card while conforming to industry standards regarding card size and thickness. They also note that credit unions can issue their biometric cards without having to change any existing chip card readers or ATMs.

TV reporters in Pennsylvania found 16 coin counters from TD Bank, Coinstar and PNC Bank that inaccurately counted coins. The reporters found there was no state oversight on coin kiosks in Pennsylvania, where they performed the tests. Some were off by a few pennies, while one was off by a couple of dollars. A spokesperson for the nearby Camden County Department of Weights and Measures in New Jersey said that "anything that is off even by a single penny, we will fail it."


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CU Success Stories  


Here is a chance to learn about real life credit union success stories from various technology vendors through the words of their clients. This week's vendor is:  



and their client is:

New England Federal Credit Union

Credit Unions - if you have a vendor that you are happy with then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

Vendors - if you have a credit union that is happy with your solutions then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will give you a $100 discount on your Case Study!


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Wireless World

Although nearly 60 percent of credit cards issued are chip-enabled, only 20 percent of payment terminals had been activated to process chip card payments, according to the Mercator Advisory Group. Yet it may be a moot point - some analysts are convinced that chip cards could become obsolete before they are even fully implemented in the United States as more consumers use Apple Pay and other mobile payment services. They believe that mobile payments will likely take precedence over chip cards before they are full implemented.

A new study from Juniper Research has found that the global value of mobile and wearable contactless payments is expected to reach $95 billion annually by 2018, up from less than $35 billion last year. However, while nearly 9 million Apple Watches had been shipped by the end of 2015, these numbers pale in comparison to the total for NFC-capable iPhones in circulation. The research firm predicts that wearables will not account for more than 2 percent of the value of noncard contactless payments by 2018.

In general, mobile devices' small screens make it more difficult to detect fraudulent emails and texts than PC screens. Text message fraud — AKA SmiShing — recently targeted First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union members and non-members. They received a text message warning them that fraud had been detected on their account and that to unlock it, they needed to open a link and input their personal information. A spokesperson for the credit union said that the scammers did not obtain the phone numbers from First Commonwealth.


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Security Section

Seceon`s Open Threat Management Platform complements security devices such as firewalls and IDS/IPS and platforms like SIEMs. The system gathers information from a wide range of sources such network flows, log files, servers, etc. and then uses a mix of machine learning procedures to set a baseline for human and machine behavior to detect and predict unusual activity. Each possible threat is assigned a risk value and Seceon also recommends how to remediate the problem with a list of options.

Instant SecurityScorecard enables customers to run a scan and receive the full details, or, ‘a hacker`s view,` of what is seen in a company`s online infrastructure from the outside looking in. SecurityScorecard was founded in late 2013 and their ThreatMarket proprietary data engine collects and correlates hundreds of security risk indicators. Their grades are a composite of 10 security categories:

- Web Application Security

- Network Security

- Endpoint Security

- IP Reputation

- Social Engineering

- Hacker Chatter

- DNS Health

- Cubit Score

- Patching Cadence

- Password Exposure


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Leaders Roundtable


Addressing Insider Threats, Cyber Attacks & Data Security


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Technology and Marketing

Historically, digital signage in the branch has been display only not interactive. But some FIs are moving towards the more sophisticated interactive digital signage packages on the market. Interactive digital signage utilizes a touchscreen and more complex software development which can be more costly depending on the requirements of the signage. Display digital signage often meets the simple requirements of waiting areas, but interactive digital signage is capable of answering questions, delivering relevant information and even providing advice.


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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design

Yodlee is releasing Risk Insight which designed to help credit unions provide loans to thin-file, no-file or generally underbanked/unbanked consumers. Yodlee says that their software will allow lenders to inject user-endorsed financial data into existing credit bureau and custom models, and will enhance the credit evaluation process, reduce fraud and improve pull-through and approval ratios.

SWITCH is looking to use machine learning to make it easy to update your credit cards. The Seattle-based startup is developing what they are calling the first automated payment card and online account updater to help consumers update their cards and payment methods wherever they shop online. They say that their solution will enable card issuers to get their cards into circulation faster, while also helping merchants ensure that the cards that they have on file stay current.

The Japanese government is testing a biometric system in which foreign tourists will be able to verify their identities and make purchases using only their fingerprints. The experiment will have inbound tourists register their fingerprints and other data, such as credit card information, at airports and elsewhere. Tourists would then be able to conduct tax exemption procedures and make purchases after verifying their identities by placing two fingers on special devices installed at participating stores and hotels.


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Internet Access

High-Tech Bridge, a Web security company, announced the addition of a Web server security test to its portfolio of complimentary Web security services. The new service performs the following security checks:

- HTTP headers presence, validity and secure configuration

- HTTP methods allowed by the Web server

- Web server version and other software-related tests

High-Tech Bridge also offers a complimentary online service to test SSL/TLS encryption for security, reliability and compliance with PCI DSS requirements and NIST guidelines.

A survey of FIs by Efma and video collaboration specialist Vidyo found that 93 percent of FIs said they would expect increased consumer satisfaction if a high quality video banking service were put in operation. The study found that nearly 70 percent of FIs prioritize video banking availability through mobile and desktop over in-branch or ATM availability. Primary uses for video conferencing were wealth management, mortgage and loan services. The report predicts that people "will expect to always have the option to chat face-to-face with their banker either on a mobile app, from an ATM or at a kiosk or meeting room in the branch itself."

AppRiver`s Secure Surf offers an extra layer of protection against malware-laden websites for users` Web browsing. Due to the fact that it is based on DNS forwarders, there is no in-line device or networking to configure, and tech-savvy employees are not able to bypass it by attempting to proxy around it. The solution also monitors outbound traffic and will send IT personnel Automatic Threat Notifications via email or SMS if a Botnet, Key Logger, or some other malicious program is attempting to send out information from within your network.


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Call Centers

The Jabra Evolve Series are a range of headsets built to improve concentration in noisy work environments. They are reasonably priced, work with all leading UC platforms, and come with “passive noise cancellation.” The headsets feature a Busy Light that automatically turns on during a call to let others know the person is busy. Users can also activate it manually to signal that they don`t want to be disturbed.