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April 25, 2016

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General News  

* SUAFCU Renews with ESP
* KnowBe4 Unveils Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training
* Mid Oregon CU Selects Khorus Software Solution
* Australia's Vix Verify Opens US Office

Selfreliance Ukrainian American Federal Credit Union (SUAFCU) has renewed as an in-house client with Enhanced Software Products, Inc. (ESP). Chicago-based SUAFCU serves its 20,000 members with 7 locations across two states, and has $445M in assets.

KnowBe4, a top provider of an integrated platform for security awareness training and simulated phishing tests, has released a new Spring 2016 version with advanced security features. New advanced features include EZXploit, USB Drive Test and GEO-location.

Austin, TX-based Khorus announced that Mid Oregon Credit Union has selected Khorus Software solution to help it align its workforce and to execute strategy. With its new Talent component now in place, Khorus said the new platform will also give the Bend, OR-based leadership team a clear view of top performers and how they line up with CU strategy, as well as allowing them to roll out an objective quarterly feedback system.

VIX Verify, a global consumer on-boarding and identity verification solutions company, announced its selection of Atlanta`s Transaction Alley as the home for its US headquarters. The company says that their SaaS-based end-to-end identity solution helps credit unions on-board new members while helping to ensure that compliance and data privacy regulations are met.




Hardware News

ARCA has added the CM18 Solo cash recycler to its product line. This machine, which is available in in two sizes, tall and short, has a high note capacity and integrates with many of the most popular teller core platforms. The company says that the unit was designed for credit unions looking to implement the universal banker strategy which enables tellers to increase efficiency and create a more personalized member experience.

RDM Corporation announced its new EC9600i single-feed (SF) network check scanner models which are an extension of the family of EC9600i auto-feed (AF) network scanners introduced last year. The company says that the scanners can be accessed by payment terminals, mobile devices, and PCs MACs regardless of the operating system or browser and without having to install additional hardware.

A10 Networks has released six new Thunder Series appliances, including what they are calling the industry`s fastest single rack unit ADC (Application Delivery Controller). The new fourth-generation offerings deliver scalability to 220Gbps of traffic per second, 10.5 million connections per second, and defense for over 300 million DDoS attacks per second. 


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Software Updates

Windows Server 2016 release to manufacturing (RTM) date is most likely in the second half of 2016 and Microsoft has said that it will support both Hyper-V containers and Docker-style containers. Which option you choose during installation affects how Windows Server 2016 - the operating system itself (the hypervisor) - isolates and executes the workloads within each container. Both of these containers are essentially a new type of virtual machine that in some ways has less isolation than a traditional virtual machine, e.g., software common to all of the containers running on a host are shared. Among these shared items are operating system files, directories and running services. This sharing separates containers from all host applications, while reducing overhead and making containers more lightweight. In deployment, Hyper-V containers do not directly share operating system files, processes and services with the host, but instead Windows Server wraps up each container image in a simple VM which achieves the abstraction and trust boundary that a Docker-style Windows Server container does not.

NICE Actimize announced an anti-money laundering (AML) solution that is built on Amazon Web Services. The cloud solution is designed to help larger credit unions with onboarding, operational efficiency, security and stability, and product scale. The company stated that delivering their new AML Essentials on the AWS Cloud enables them to grow their financial crime cloud offerings and address new markets.


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Fiserv announced the launch of CardFree Cash which offers consumers a cardless way to withdraw funds at thousands of ATM locations nationwide. CardFree Cash allows access to cash if you lose your card, are waiting for a replacement, or for convenience. Using a secure token, CardFree Cash withdrawals are completed over the Accel debit payments network. A future enhancement to the solution will enable person-to-person payments and the capability to collect cash sent from another party at participating ATMs.

By some estimates, cash-related expenses represent 40 percent or more of the cost of operating an ATM. That is why there is growing interest in cash recycling systems for ATMs that help reduce the number of armored transport visits. Some deployers have seen savings anywhere from 40 to 66 percent on cash-handling costs by upgrading to cash-recycling ATMs. Yet barriers remain: some deployers cite the difficulty of balancing ATM cash in and cash out with the machines, while others are not convinced that the relatively high cost of replacing existing machines with ATM cash recyclers is worth the expenditures.


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CU Success Stories  


Here is a chance to learn about real life credit union success stories from various technology vendors through the words of their clients. This week's vendor is:  



and their client is:

Denali Alaskan Federal Credit Union

Credit Unions - if you have a vendor that you are happy with then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

Vendors - if you have a credit union that is happy with your solutions then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will give you a $100 discount on your Case Study!


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Wireless World

After acquiring IDchecker, Mitek integrated their technology into their Mobile Photo Account Opening software and dubbed it Mobile Verify. They say that Mobile Verify can authenticate approximately 3,500 types of ID documents across multiple countries worldwide. The platform captures, extracts, and authenticates the information in the various types of IDs and populates forms with name, address, etc. Embedded enhanced security features – which are imperceptible to the human eye – are analyzed and either instantly verified or, if questionable, sent to a credit union employee for additional research and verification. Mitek claims that their solution can drive up mobile onboarding success rates by as much as 35%.

Plastiq's iPhone app allows consumers to pay bills with their debit and credit cards by snapping a photo. The biller does not need to accept cards and the San Francisco-based startup charges a 1-2.5% service fee. Once an image of a paper or email bill is captured, Plastiq identifies the biller, their preferred means of receiving payments, the amount due, and the due date. The app then reminds users when the bill is due and charges payments to the preferred card.

In an attempt to help consumers prevent unnecessary impulse buying, Ally Financial has developed a new app called Splurge Alert that uses geolocation to alert users when they are approaching a "splurge zone" where they are more likely to overspend. Splurge Alert sends alerts to the user's designated family members and friends, who can contact them and discourage them from overspending.


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Security Section

Verodin offers a testing platform to check the effectiveness of an organization's defenses. The Verodin Controller can:

- determine whether the network can prevent specific attacks by running simulations that reveal whether existing security products are effective

- help IT teams see what their dashboards look like when their security devices pick up intrusions

- be used to test various vendor's components by running attacks against them to see how well they do when faced with the same circumstances

Verodin includes a library of actions and sequences customers can use to test their networks, and clients can develop their own custom scenarios.

In the past year, Google has detected close to 800,000 sites infected with download malware and other malicious content. The search giant's study focused on website hijacking incidents found by Google Safe Browsing and Search Quality. Google recommends that security conscious webmasters register with their Search Console service which is a complimentary service offered by Google that helps you monitor and maintain your site's presence in Google Search results. They note that 75% of webmasters who were registered with them and were emailed during the study were able to fix their breached sites.


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Leaders Roundtable


Addressing Insider Threats, Cyber Attacks & Data Security


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Technology and Marketing

Research from various surveys has shown that about three quarters of people will delete an email immediately if it doesn`t display correctly on their mobile device. That is why it is critical to create mobile-optimized email content that is engaging and highly readable on a smartphone. Here are some tips:

- opt for a single-column design that works well with the vertical scroll

- use bold headlines

- include plenty of white space

- make sure your CTA (call to action) buttons are large enough to be easily tapped

- utilize responsive design


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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design

Visa is rolling out Quick Chip which is a way to speed up those slow chip card checkouts. The new system would not require cardholders to leave the plastic in the terminal throughout the transaction. The Quick Chip specification is available at no cost to payment processors, acquirers and payment networks to offer to merchants, Visa stated. The enhancement requires only a simple software update to the merchant`s card terminal or point of sale system with the goal of reducing the card`s interaction with the terminal to about two seconds.

Obloco Expense Reporting is the first FI-integrated expense reporting solution designed for business banking members within their online banking system. Obloco says that their white label solution alleviates the hassle of expense reporting by centralizing the experience to a place your members already know and trust: their online banking. Members can sync their email account within their online banking, allowing an email parser to automatically import their emailed receipts.


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Internet Access

Video technology provider Vidyo offers sophisticated software-based video solutions that put HD-quality, multipoint video communications within reach of virtually any device. The Hackensack, N.J.-based company says that all that is needed is an Internet, LTE or 4G connection to join in a collaborative meeting experience. BluCurrent Credit Union in Springfield, MO is currently a client of theirs at three of its branches. In member surveys, the system consistently rates highly with members at the $158 million-asset credit union.

Fiserv plans to offer hosted communications and infrastructure solutions through a managed services suite called Sentry Performance Solutions. The suite will include network services; hosting services; network security services; hardware and software lifecycle management; and unified communications services. As part of the solutions, Fiserv clients will have access to branch and workforce experience solutions from Cisco.


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Call Centers

Clear, Correct, Concise E-Mail: A Writing Workbook for Customer Service Agents is a writing workbook for contact center agents who answer e-mail queries. The self-paced workbook uses e-mail exchanges between customers and companies to teach agents how to improve their writing skills. The workbook includes a test to assess writing skills; chapters on spelling and word use, punctuation, tone, clarity and conciseness. It also includes checklists, tips and other writing tools to help agents write effective e-mails.