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April 4, 2016

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General News  

* City FCU Chooses Sharetec
* Allied Solutions Adds Strategic Partners
* Denali FCU Selects Baker Hill Bank2Business
* CU*Answers Chooses G2Link for Vendor Monitoring

Sharetec Systems, one of the fastest growing core systems, announced that City Federal Credit Union in Amarillo, TX has selected Sharetec as their new core. The credit union is also implementing a number of new solutions including On-Line Loan Application, Mobile Banking with Remote Deposit Capture, Member Verification, and Electronic signature pads.

Allied Solutions, a distributor of insurance, lending, and marketing products to credit unions, has added two strategic partners: New Vista Solutions and MeridianLink. The new integrations will help streamline processing for credit unions offering second mortgage loans, home equity loans and HELOCs.

Baker Hill, a leading provider of SaaS solutions for common loan origination, relationship management and smart data analytics, announced that Anchorage-based Denali Federal Credit Union has selected its Bank2Business origination solution, paired with Statement Analyzer, to help expand its business lending capabilities. Baker Hill`s Bank2Business supports business credit requests of all sizes using a single, integrated platform.

G2Link, which helps credit unions automate their vendor compliance monitoring, announced that CU*Answers, the 100% credit union-owned CUSO, has chosen G2Link`s vendor monitoring platform to support compliance requirements for vendor compliance. G2Link was selected to replace a legacy on-site solution to automate vendor monitoring and increase visibility of managing their relationships and compliance requirements.




Hardware News

Intel`s new lineup of solid state drives (SSDs) are targeted at data centers, workstations and storage arrays and include the SSD DC P3320 and SSD DC 3520. Intel uses 3D NAND flash from Micron, which started shipping the chips last month. The 3D NAND flash has more density because storage cells are layered on top of each other, an improvement from current SSDs in which flash chips are placed next to each other. The storage chips are also closer, making SSDs faster. However, these top out at 2TB - far below Samsung`s PM1633a SSD which has 15TB of storage and also uses 3D NAND chips.

The new Dell XPS 15 is basically a larger, more powerful version of the older Dell XPS 13. Its body has the same aluminum top and bottom, as well as a carbon-fiber keyboard deck, too. Also like the XPS 13, this XPS15 features an ultra-thin “InfinityEdge” bezel around its 15.6-inch screen. The CPU is a Skylake quad-core Core i7-6700HQ, which is a 45-watt chip that will run from 2.6GHz to 3.5GHz. Configurations vary, but the new laptop runs in the $1500 range. 


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Software Updates

Zerto's Virtual Replication version 4.5 features new Journal File Level Recovery capabilities that enable the restoration of any file from a point in time just seconds before a deletion, malware, or data corruption occurred. The package provides continuous replication of VM block-level changes from the hypervisor and requires no agents in the protected VM. Changed blocks are stored in compressed journals enabling point in time recovery of data in increments of seconds up to 2 weeks in the past.

ManageEngine says that OpManager Plus is the first network management solution to provide a single EXE integrating five different modules: NetFlow monitoring, configuration management, firewall log analysis and compliance, IP address management, and switch port management. Pricing for OpManager v12 starts at $995 and there is a 30 complimentary trial on all editions.


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The majority of ATM deployers monitor uptime/downtime statistics, but some analysts suggest that this approach is too rudimentary. They say that ATM deployers should closely monitor transactions which will then help improve their ATM availability numbers. Analytics packages can provide data on transaction completion rates vs failed interactions; average queuing times; and time of day/week/month peak transaction times. Many of these programs can also analyze cash utilization rates which can provide significant savings on cash delivery costs.

MasterCard`s ATM liability shift begins on Oct. 1, 2016, Visa`s kicks in Oct. 1, 2017. According to the 2016 ATM Channel EMV Readiness survey from the ATM Industry Association, many ATM operators are waiting to fully upgrade until concerns about routing issues, chargeback rates, and continuing uncertainty subside. Their survey shows that at the end of 2015, ATM operators said only 19% of their machines could actively accept EMV chip transactions. They are predicting that number to increase to 58% by the end of 2016 and to 79% by the end of 2017.


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CU Success Stories  


Here is a chance to learn about real life credit union success stories from various technology vendors through the words of their clients. This week's vendor is:  

Member Access Pacific


and their client is:

SELCO Community Credit Union

Credit Unions - if you have a vendor that you are happy with then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

Vendors - if you have a credit union that is happy with your solutions then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will give you a $100 discount on your Case Study!


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Wireless World

PayPal (63%) and Visa (56%) have both surpassed the primary FI (51%) as the mobile wallet providers of choice, according to Javelin`s newly released “What`s in your Mobile Wallet?” report. The research firm states that as consumer awareness of mobile wallets has risen dramatically, financial institutions have a perfect opportunity to stake a claim in this market. As the barriers to wallet adoption drop, and issues with merchant adoption and consumer hesitation lessen, FI-branded wallets stand ready to reap the benefits. “The customer relationship is the trump card that issuers have to play in the mobile wallet game. Tapping into existing card functionality that your customers have come to expect quickly sets a higher bar for third-party wallet providers,” said Daniel Van Dyke, Analyst, Mobile, at Javelin.

The Federal Reserve's latest annual survey on mobile banking shows that 43 percent of adults with mobile phones and FI accounts used their phones for financial activities last year, up four percentage points from 2014. Over 50 percent of mobile banking users received alerts from their FIs in the form of a push notification, text message, or email. In terms of the most important ways consumers interact with their FIs, the survey shows that mobile banking ranked third, with online banking and ATMs taking the top two spots and branch tellers coming in fourth. The Fed's latest survey shows that younger adults, Hispanics, and African-Americans use mobile banking services more often than the general population. Not surprisingly, security and privacy concerns are still the main reasons that people eschew mobile banking.

SpeechPro is coming out with a “bi-modal” biometric authentication solution that combines voice and facial recognition. SpeechPro, based in St. Petersburg, Russia, claims that their bi-modal authentication solution has a very low rate of false acceptance which makes it an excellent choice for mobile banking systems.


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The MAP App™ is the first network-branded prepaid card exclusively serving credit unions to offer mobile banking -
contact us now to learn more about this market-leading innovation for credit unions:

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Security Section

AlienVault Open Threat Exchange (OTX) says that they have developed the first open threat intelligence community that enables threat researchers and security professionals to actively discuss, explore, validate and share the latest threat data, trends, techniques and research. Their vision is for organizations and government agencies to gather and share relevant, timely, and accurate information about new or ongoing cyberattacks and threats as quickly as possible to avoid major breaches or minimize the damage from an attack.

A spinoff from Deloitte Spain, buguroo is launching their security services in the US. They are introducing:

  • bugThreats – a threat intelligence platform
  • bugBlast – a cloud-based appsec management platform
  • bugFraud Defense – provides pre- or post-login and real-time protection of websites from hijacked sessions using man-in-the-browser or man-in-the-middle attacks


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Leaders Roundtable


Addressing Insider Threats, Cyber Attacks & Data Security


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Technology and Marketing

Facebook Page Insights provide information about your Page's performance and are available after at least 30 people like your Page. You can find demographic data about your audience, and see how people are discovering and responding to your posts. To see what topics matter to your audience, you can check your Posts screen. Meanwhile, a properly configured Page screen allows you to check website clicks, track calls, get direction clicks, and monitor other calls-to-actions.


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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design

Affirm, which is led by PayPal co-founder Max Levchin, allows consumers to take out loans directly at the point of purchase. Some observers think that the service, along with others offered by companies such as Afterpay and zipMoney, represents a personal financing trend away from the credit card. Proponents believe that Millennials in particular will adopt the service, while detractors point out the possible debt trap of high interest rates for those taking advantage of the "buy now, pay later" aspect of the offering.

In a related story, twenty percent of all small business loan applications are now being originated by marketplace lenders, according to a report from the Federal Reserve of Richmond. Moreover, marketplace loans to micro-firms - those with less than $100,000 of revenue - now represent a thirty percent share. They also note that online lenders approve seventy three percent of credit applicants, a very high approval rating. Of course the downsides for these businesses that are receiving marketplace loans are high interest rates and unfavorable repayment terms.


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Internet Access

A precursor to SD-WAN (software defined wide area network) has been the hybrid WAN, which is the idea of aggregating multiple types of network connections into branch offices (MPLS, cable broadband, 3G/4G, etc.). In action, a SD-WAN incorporates a centralized application policy controller, a software overlay and analytics features. Research firm IDC predicts that the SD-WAN industry will become a $6 billion industry by 2020. Their analysts state that “SD-WAN offers compelling value for its ability to defray MPLS costs, simplify and automate WAN operations, improve application traffic management, and dynamically deliver on the cost and efficiency benefits associated with intelligent path selection.”

FireMon's 2016 State of the Firewall Report shows that NGFWs (next generation firewalls) continue to see broad adoption, and represent at least 50 percent of current firewall infrastructure in nearly half of the organizations surveyed. As for future trends, 90% of respondents recognize that SDN (software defined networking) has impacted or will impact networking to a certain degree. A FireMon spokesperson concluded that “adoption of SDN and network virtualization in general won`t decrease the need for firewalls, but it may open the door to advancements or a new category of network protection. It will be more of a continuous evolution rather than a complete upheaval as so many are quick to claim.”


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Call Centers

First contact resolution is a key contact center metric and it is aided by active listening. Active listening means fewer misunderstandings and gaps in communication. Call center training that includes active listening techniques will commonly suggest that employees imagine that they are sitting across from callers which helps agents pay attention to details like tone, word usage, and voice volume. Clarification of understanding is also an important part of successful active listening. To reinforce that caller desires, needs, problems have been heard and understood, many call center training programs teach agents to paraphrase the caller and ask a confirming question.