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February 4, 2013

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General News

* IMM Adds 50 FIs to Document Exchange
* Fynanz Rebrands as LendKey
* Caprock FCU Partners with SIGNiX
* nCino Signs United FCU

IMM, a provider of eSignature, workflow and document solutions for financial institutions, announced that in the past five months 50 financial institutions have signed on to implement Document Exchange, its cloud-based eSignature solution. Browser- and device-agnostic, IMM’s Document Exchange integrates with a variety of financial core and lending/deposit systems as well as the majority of ECM/imaging systems to create an automated archival of eSigned documents.

Fynanz, the private student lending solutions provider that has enabled over 230 credit unions to enter the private student loan and private student loan consolidation markets, is rebranding to LendKey; a cloud-based lending platform that offers the essential infrastructure for credit unions. LendKey’s cloud-based lending technology platform includes: Credit Decisioning; Origination; Participation; Servicing; and Demand Generation.

Caprock Federal Credit Union has signed with SIGNiX to implement the company’s digital signature system. The Lamesa, TX-based credit union will deploy the company’s MyDoX product, a standalone interface that enables users to upload documents, customize fields and immediately send documents out for signatures from any computer or mobile device that has an Internet connection.

nCino, a provider of cloud-based bank operating solutions to the financial services industry, announced that United Federal Credit Union has contracted with them for their Bank Operating System nCommercial to help improve efficiency and boost productivity and profitability gains. nCommercial organizes and automates data, eliminating the use of spreadsheets and duplicate loan documents.


Credit Union InfoSecurity Conference Sponsored by
imsmartin consulting

The 11th annual CU InfoSecurity Conference will cover the following topics and more:

* Beyond SIEM
* Social Media Risks
* Phishing/Vishing Trends
* Cloud Backup Strategies
* Securing Mobile Banking
* Securing the Human Firewall
* Implementing & Securing IPv6
* Secure Document Management
* Information Security Programs
* Advanced Surveillance Security
* Assessments as IT Funding Tools
* Windows 7 & Windows 8 Security

Click Here for information, agenda, reservations & more.

Hardware News

Holiday season shipments of tablet computers touched a record 52.5 million, up 75 percent from a year ago. Meanwhile, PC shipments declined 6.4 percent to 89.8 million in the October-December period. Apple, the No. 1 seller of tablets, shipped 22 million of them in the fourth quarter, compared with 15 million personal computers shipped by No. 1 PC seller Hewlett-Packard during the same period.

Check scanners from CTS North America can be enabled with technology that detects fake IDs. The ID-scanning capability of the check scanners is possible due to the integration of CTS's LS40 and LS150 check scanners and ID-reader software provided by Identification Verification Systems, which provides ID-based authentication solutions. The ID verification software, dubbed Snare, uses a magnetic stripe reader and can detect questionable IDs, plus the solution can be used to authenticate remote check deposits. 


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Software Updates

AV-Comparatives, an independent testing lab, tested 25 major antivirus products and declared two vendors to be the winners: Bitdefender and Kaspersky Lab. Runners up include:

- Avast

- Avira

- BullGuard

- Eset

- F-Secure

- G Data

In order to keep your network running smoothly, you need the right software tools. There are network analyzers of every shape, size, and price, but of course free is always good. We will take a look at a handful of free network analyzers in the March issue of Credit Union tech-talk - subscribe today.



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If Apple has its way, ATMs may be bypassed by peer to peer cash lending. Apple has filed a US patent application for an "ad-hoc cash-dispensing network" which lets people who need cash but cannot find an ATM send out an SOS through their iPhone to find people nearby who are willing to lend them the money. The request is delivered to anyone in the same location who is signed up to the service and if a willing lender is found, a time and place to meet and hand over the cash is arranged. A service fee, divided between the lender and Apple, is also floated in the application.

Customers of Turkey's IsBank can use their mobile devices to reduce their transaction time at the ATM to just 10 seconds. The system uses the IsCep mobile channel for user authentication and transaction data collection, information that is used to create a pre-staged cash withdrawal at the ATM. Once the user has staged the mobile transaction, they simply scan a QR code on the ATM monitor with their smartphone to obtain their money. The service requires no hardware installation and is ATM model-agnostic.


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CU Success Stories 


Here is a chance to learn about real life credit union success stories from various technology vendors through the words of their clients. This week's vendor is:


Nationwide Money Services

and their client is:

Old Hickory Credit Union

Credit Unions - if you have a vendor that you are happy with then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

Vendors - if you have a credit union that is happy with your solutions then please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will give you a $100 discount on your Case Study!


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Wireless World

Attendees at the recent National Retail Federation’s 2013 annual conference are concerned about issues such as mobile payments, EMV migration deadlines and questions over PCI data security. The survey released by ACI Worldwide found that:


  • Google is viewed as most likely to win the mobile wallet war, versus competitors PayPal and ISIS
  • A lack of common payment standards is creating barriers to entry for retailers
  • Retailers are not prepared for the 2013 and 2014 EMV deadlines
  • Fraud and consumer privacy protection are seen as the most significant risks to implementing a mobile strategy
The Sprig digital-wallet service from Co-Op Financial Services, which is available for both mobile devices and PCs, allows members of Co-Op clients to consolidate checking, savings, and card accounts held at one or more institutions into the Sprig wallet. Sprig also offers mobile remote deposit capture for the iPhone, and will add Android-phone support next month and tablet-based capture later in the year. Out-of-network P2P payments are also coming later this year.



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Security Section

Kaspersky Lab has come out with a new product that combines the company's anti-malware technology with new mobile and system management tools. New functionality includes data encryption, mobile device management, system and application deployment, vulnerability scanning and automated patch management, all of which can be controlled from a single management console. Called Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business, the new product is available in three base configurations: Core, Select and Advanced.

More and more credit unions are implementing a data loss prevention (DLP) program. These systems can encrypt information, track when sensitive data leaves the firewall, and alert IT managers when users attempt to violate policies. Because deploying and managing the technology is not always easy, some organizations are turning to managed service providers or cloud services to help them quickly deploy the systems quickly and manage the policies more easily. We will provide some examples of this trend in the March issue of Credit Union tech-talk - subscribe now.


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We are the only trade association in the independent financial equipment and services industry, entering our 40th year of existence. Our 255 company members are located throughout the United States & Canada and are manufacturers, dealers, installers & servicers of all types of financial security equipment such as: ATMs, cash recyclers, safes, vaults & physical security equipment, drive-up banking systems, undercounter steel equipment and the entire spectrum of electronic security & digital video systems.


For more information or for a member referral in your specific geographic area, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a prompt & detailed response. Our members carry a very broad line of products and are able to provide credit unions with many powerful and affordable alternatives for their security equipment & servicing needs.


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Leaders Roundtable


Online, Mobile, Network & Physical – Securing the Spectrum

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Technology and Marketing

Integritie announced the launch of SMC4 which they claim is the world's first social media content management tool. SMC4 works by managing the four key areas of social media responsible for safe engagement: capture, control, compliance and communication. SMC4 logs and archives all social media interaction including information flowing in and out of an organization. The systems features embedded content dictionaries, and passes intended outbound information for textual analysis to interpret if a user is saying something inappropriate. For compliance purposes, the entire system can be searched for relevant information and the resulting items can then be locked for legal hold and therefore cannot be deleted until such a time as the legal issue or compliance has been satisfied.


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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design

Last week we reported that MasterCard had offered to make some of their proprietary technology solutions available to other U.S. debit networks in order to help facilitate migration to the EMV standard. However, a consortium of U.S. electronic funds transfer networks have rejected MasterCard’s offer. The Secure Remote Payment Council (SRPc) says that while MasterCard’s solution is a step in the right direction to make EMV debit transactions Durbin-compliant, it “presents major obstacles including: intellectual property rights, licensing control, lack of long-term business terms, and most importantly, restriction on the innovation of other PIN debit networks.”

The Electronic Payments Association’s Council for Electronic Billing and Payment (CEBP) issued final guidelines for the use of Quick Response (QR) codes in a variety of bill payment functions such as viewing bills, making bill payments, enrolling for eBills and setting up payees in online banking. The goal of the guidelines is to establish a single QR code format that can be printed on a paper bill and scanned by the consumer’s mobile phone using a biller, mobile banking or generic QR code reader. Recommendations include items such as QR code size, data to be included in the QR code, and layout of the data represented in the QR code, among others.


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Internet Access

Surprisingly, legitimate websites and online advertisements are much more likely to deliver malware than "shady" sites, according to a new study by Cisco. The networking giant found that online shopping sites are 21 times as likely, and search engines are 27 times as likely, to deliver malicious content than a counterfeit software site.

DDoS (distributed denial of service) episodes are increasing, even migrating to credit unions from the large money center banks. Unfortunately, no credit union can any longer count itself as immune from large-scale DDoS attacks. We will highlight some strategies that can help your credit union prepare for and defend against DDos events in the March issue of Credit Union tech-talk - subscribe today.


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Call Centers

While call center metrics are certainly necessary and important, some call center experts warn about placing too much emphasis on statistics such as Average Handle Time (AHT), Call Monitoring Scores and Ticket Closing Speed. Over emphasis on AHT can cause agents to hurry through calls without completely solving the member’s problem or they can be too eager to transfer calls to another department. If call monitoring scores are based on a scripted greeting, a standardized call flow, etc, then agents don’t have the flexibility to customize their approach to meet each members’ need, and they risk sounding unnatural and impersonal. Finally some contact center consultants recommend that agents be evaluated via post-transaction caller satisfaction surveys rather than the time required to close a ticket which helps make sure that member issues are fully resolved before closing the ticket.


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Catch Tom and Bill Rogers, Associate Editor of Credit Union tech-talk, at these upcoming conferences:

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